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Weekly Kids Cooking Classes

Featuredwed29mar14:00Weekly Kids Cooking ClassesCooking workshops for kids. Classes are fun, hands-on and focused on teaching kitchen safety, food preparation and nutrition. More information and times can be obtained via app (5999) 663 0212.Ratatouille Cooking Club14:00 DistrictMahaai & Santa Rosa


Ratatouille Cooking Club


(Wednesday) 14:00

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Cooking Classes for Kids

Join our cooking workshops and give your child the opportunity to learn about new recipes, ingredients, and cooking techniques. Our interactive classes are designed to be hands-on and packed with fun activities that teach kitchen safety, food preparation, and nutrition. Your child will have the chance to ask questions and explore in the kitchen while they learn. If any of the recipes require baking time, we will also make a second dish during that time.

For more details and available timeslots, ask for the pdf flyer.

Wednesdays 14h – 16h
Thursdays 14h – 16h
Saturdays 10h – 12h & 14h – 16h

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