Superá - Komedia, Amor i Músika

Featuredsat27jan15:00sat16:30Superá - Komedia, Amor i Músika"Superá," a vibrant fusion of poetry, humor, and music by passionate artists, focusing on unity and self-expression, features multicultural characters by Caresse, Cuban musicians Roselin Bey and Ernesto Paz, with guest star Gino Cova; performances in Papiamentu, Dutch, Spanish, Sranang, and English. Time: 15:00-16:30 & 19:00-20:30. An artistic kaleidoscope where languages and cultures dance in harmony.University of Curacao15:00 - 16:30 DistrictsCuraçao


University of Curacao

Jan Noorduynweg 111,Willemstad, Curacao

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(Saturday) 15:00 - 16:30

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Superá ta un trep di puru magia poétiko-humorístiko-musikal presentá p’un grupitu chikitu di artista enórmemente pashoná kende ta invitabo pa ban biaha bai paden. Huntu!

Pa laga e mundu eifó keda eifó; maske ta p’un ratu. Pa hala un Rosea di Inspirashon, superá reto di divishon i enfoká Atenshon riba loke ta pone nos kurason bati den Union.

Union ta hasi Forsa! I den espasio di tempu Atenshon t’e kapital mas balioso ku hende tin pa bo kousa personal por bona! Na lugá di keda regalá tur atenshon eifó pa loko, ban enfok’é riba loke nos tin, loke nos ta, loke nos por i riba loke for di profundidat di nos ser nos ta deseá di krea i manifestá.

Manera kustumber, Caresse ta interpretá diferente personahe típikamente kolorido ku ta parti di nos komunidat multikultural.

E gran talentonan Kubano Roselin Bey i Ernesto Paz ta karga henter e obra ku nan músika variá, ku e aktor Gino Cova komo Guest Star.

Superá is a magical experience of poetry, laughter and music combined in one, presented by a small group of enormously passionate artists, who invite you to venture inside. Together!

To leave the outer world for what it is; be it only for a little while. To take a Deep breath of Inspiration, surpass challenges of division and focus all of our Attention on that which allows our hearts to beat in one United rhythm.

United we stand strong! And in time-space Attention is the most valuable currency one can invest to achieve great aspirations. So rather than to keep spending it out there, let’s focus our attention on what we have, on who we are, what our capabilities are and on that which from the profundity of our being we most wish to create and see manifest.

As always, Caresse will be interpreting different colorfully typical characters of our multicultural community.

The great Cuban talents Roselin Bey and Ernesto Paz carry the entire play with a lovely variation of music, with Guest Star performance by actor Gino Cova.

15:00 – 16:30. The performance starts at 15:00, doors open at 14:30.
19:00 – 20:30. This performance starts at 19:00, doors open at 18:30.

Location: Aula, University of Curacao Dr. Moises Da Costa Gomez, 111 Jan Noorduynweg

Tickets: ANG 55

The language of the performance is Papiamentu with sketches in Dutch, Spanish, Sranang and English


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